Friday, April 27, 2007

Carrying on the Thailand theme

Well, the Italians decided not to use my photograph. I am not too disappointed, in fact I couldn't give a flying fudge, as they weren't going to give me any money for them, anyway.
Continuing the Thailand theme, this lady serves in a bar in Soi Eric off Bangla Road. This is a horrible place to take photos as there is far too much red neon lights around, which really screws up any chance of getting any true colours.
I liked this photo because of the shallow depth of field. If you click to see the large version of this photo, you will notice that her braids closest to the camera are in focus but the ones behind are nicely blurred. There is someone sat at the bar on the left hand side of the photo, but because he is so out of focus, he just blurs into the back gorund.

Well its Friday, today so I thought as, a bonus, you could have a second photograph. The weather was so nice yesterday, I was glad I had taken my camera to work; during my luch break I went out and took some photos. Here's one of them:-

This should be instantly recognisable to those of you from Hong Kong, and it shows what a lovely day it was. I just hope it stays like this for the weekend.

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